is your teen joining THE SKELETON WARS?


decode their text messages for “txt speak” slang used by SKELETONS

  • LOL - lots of legbones
  • SMH - skeletons murdering humans
  • FYI - forget your insides! (and become a skeleton)
  • WTF - waxing the fibula
  • OMG - outta my grave
  • FFS - for friendly skeletons
Mama Britannia


England’s magic might seem unreliable, but he was telling the truth when he said that his family’s magic was the best in the world. His mother’s, Britannia, magic was very powerful and frightening. So much so, that she scared the pants off of Rome when he first tried to invade her. He ran home, completely terrified, and cried to Germania for several days. 


Germania has a hatred for movies, ever since he and Rome came to the living world and decided to watch Lord of the Rings one time. Rome now bothers him on a daily basis by saying, “Germania! What do your elf eyes see?”

  • chibitalia: d-d...d...d-d-d-....
  • rome: dada? :)
  • chibitalia: doitsu
  • rome: oh nO